Alessia Cara Shares Two New Singles, “Sweet Dream” And “Shapeshifter”

Grammy-award winner Alessia Cara returns with new music.

The singer-songwriter has released two songs, “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter”, which will both appear on her upcoming third album.

In a recent interview, Alessia explained the theme of her next project, and how both tracks tie into it. “The theme of duality is recurring on this next album, so it made sense to release two songs to introduce both ends of the thread,” she said. “The first side being “Sweet Dream” which represents the hardship and helplessness surrounding my last couple of years. It’s about insomnia and the hoops my brain jumps through at night while I’m supposed to be asleep. Never fun! Then on the flip side, there’s “Shapeshifter”, which is witty and sophisticated in a way that I feel represents the more mature and light-hearted parts of the album. I had to go through lots of pain to regain my footing and this song feels unwavering, despite it not being about the happiest of things.” 

“Sweet Dream” is a pop track that brings out a playful, fun side to Alessia, while “Shapeshifter” has more of a mellow vibe.

Although a visual for both songs has already been filmed, “Sweet Dream” is out now and “Shapeshifter” will be dropping next week.

Listen to “Sweet Dream” and “Shapeshifter” below.

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