Rising Toronto Artist Kastilla Shines In Latest Music Video “Diamonds Deluxe”

Toronto singer Kastilla knows her worth in her latest single “Diamonds Deluxe.”

The up-and-coming singer-rapper and performer is making a statement on her new song, in which she says is all about self-confidence and maintaining high standards for yourself, but also expecting the same from others.

“I have been discovering a lot about my values as my journey in the music business continues. One of those lessons is to hold high standards for myself,” Kastilla stated. “In building my self- confidence, (yes, I must work on my self-confidence all the time) I learned to value myself, my time, and to really protect my energy. If I don’t feel someone reciprocating the level of value I deserve, or if their intentions seem sketchy, I keep it moving, confident that a new opportunity is just around the corner. So far, that’s working out great for me. I hope it does for you as well.”

The feel-good track, produced by SAUCEboy, is accompanied by a music video directed by Jesse Dart and shot in Toronto. Kastilla has been making music for a few years now and has worked with some well-known producers, including Akeel Henry and J-Mak. Even though her music career comes first, Kastilla has also found success with her online clothing shop Baddee Boutique. We stan a boss babe who can do it all!!

Check out “Diamonds Deluxe” here and follow Kastilla on social media below.

Kastilla: Instagram | TikTok | Twitter

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