Pop Smoke’s Best Friend Mike Dee Talks To Radio Personality Kalisha Perera About Late Rapper’s Music

Faith by Pop Smoke may have been the very last project by the late Brooklyn rapper.

According to his best friend Mike Dee, who recently sat down with Rap TV host Kalisha Perera, he thinks all of Pop Smoke’s music has been released and believes there’s nothing left in the rapper’s music vault. “I feel like, instead of dropping all thirty songs [on Faith], I would have waited until now till next year. That way his name will stay alive instead of just dropping it all at one time,” he explained. When asked if all the tracks on the last album were in fact his last, Mike said, “I’m guessing this is what he had left in the vault. Yeah.”

Faith dropped in mid-July and features guest appearances from Pharrell, Dua Lipa, Kid Cudi, Chris Brown and many more. A deluxe edition of the album was also released just days later, with a total of 30 tracks on the project. This could very well mean that Pop Smoke’s entire music catalog is out there, with no new music to ever be released.

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