Krishi Making His Mark In Hip-Hop World With Release of First EP

California-born hip-hop artist Krishi is turning heads and is all set to drop his first EP ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ later in November.

Krishi has been writing and producing since he was 15 years old and describes his connection with music as ‘emotional’ and the best method of ‘bringing out the genuine feelings of speech.’ Since he began his career with the drop of his debut song, “Town” (available on all platforms), he’s always been motivated to tap into his artistic side and create useful and meaningful music. He says his biggest inspiration is his parents, who have always encouraged him to be ambitious and do his best. 

Not only is his upcoming EP his first major drop, but it’s also his first collab with other artists; Yung Pear, OuhBoy, and Vitals will all be making appearances. Krishi has always composed, produced, and engineered his own music, but is always open to collaborating with other artists.    

Krishi wants people to enjoy his music, but also to understand who he really is as an artist as he grows his career in the music industry. Make sure to check out ‘Through the Fire And Flames’ on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music! 

Instagram: Krishi.otw

YouTube Channel: Krishi

KRISHI – Town (Audio)

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