Ryland James Looks Back At His First Love In “I Give Everything”

2022 is off to a great start for Ryland James.

The Canadian singer/songwriter reminisces about falling in love for the first time in his new single “I Give Everything”. Ryland expresses his feelings on the song and reveals how excited he was to put out a personal track following a year of “self-reflection and immense personal growth.”

“I’m thrilled to be putting this song out into the world as the first of a new era in my artistry,” James said in a statement. “This is truly the most exciting time I’ve experienced in my career and personal growth thus far. That being said, there’s so much to come in terms of visuals, sounds, stories, and an overall heightened sense of creativity for me.”

The 22-year-old also stated that he wrote “I Give Everything” early on in his relationship. “I was completely immersed and infatuated with the intensity of the feelings I was experiencing, but I was also fearful of losing myself in the process somehow. The lyrics embody that push-pull between the simultaneous acceptance of and resistance to pure passion.”

Listen to “I Give Everything” below.