OriJinal Shotta Links With Icewear Vezzo His Latest Hometown “Nebraska”

OriJinal Shotta is not your average artist! The independent rapper takes pride being from a small town that not many are too familiar with. He feels that it is his duty to put on for his city and he is just doing that! The Nebraska musician not only has aspirations, but he also has many goals that include to make money and level up. OriJinal Shotta wants to continue to travel and stack up. He is not trying to be too loud. He prefers to be low key and keep an audience that understands him and what he has been through. He shares “I am just trying to take the road less traveled by the people where I am from.” When asked who his motivation is, OriJinal Shotta goes on to say “I’m self-motivated. Everyone is trying to make it out. I did lose my little brother in 2011. My release date was his birthday. December 31. It’s dedicated to him.” An impact that OriJinal Shotta would like to make with his music career is he would like to be the voice of the hustler and trap coach coming straight out of Omaha, Nebraska. He likes to call that city “Atlantis” because nobody believes that it exists. “It is just like a city everywhere else in the US. Nobody ever believes that it is a city just like everywhere else because no one has ever represented it in a Hip-Hop aspect the way I plan to.” Alongside dropping his poppin new project “I Got Plays” EP, he also delivered a brand new single “Nebraska” that features Icewear Vezzo. This track is a roadmap to show everyone plays on how to get to the money. OriJinal Shotta is your trap coach here to show you what works and how you can get it too. OriJinal Shotta is has a lot more music that he will be releasing throughout the year, and you can check him out on all streaming platforms! 

Instagram: @orijinal_shotta