Tyga & Doja Cat Get “Freaky Deaky” On Their Latest Single

Tyga and Doja Cat reunite for a ‘freaky’ new track.

It’s been two years since the rappers last collaborated on a song (“Juicy”), and now the two are back with a sexy new single titled “Freaky Deaky”. Doja starts us off with a cheeky intro, while Tyga chimes in with a playful verse.

I’ve been feelin’ freaky deaky / You’re on your way to see me
Got the mirror on the ceiling / You’re in the mood to please me

Uh, my lil’ shawty always on time (Time) / I pick you up, come outside, take you for a ride (Ride)
Body like December, ass on summertime (Ayy, ayy) / Take off the top (Ooh, ooh), sweet Carolinе (Woo)

“Freaky Deaky” also comes with a fun, futuristic music video directed by Christian Breslauer.

When speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Tyga confirmed that this will be the first single off his upcoming album, which will drop “sometime early summer.” In addition, he talked about how working with Doja is just as easy as hitting the studio with Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. “I feel like Chris and Lil Wayne are two people that I can go in the studio with and make a great record in 30 minutes.”

There’s no denying that the chemistry between Tyga and Doja is exceptional.

Listen to “Freaky Deaky” here and watch the music video below.