Shorty Corleone Releases New Video “Heartbreaker” Featuring Karlie Redd

Charles Garris, also known as Shorty Corleone, is a hardworking, persistent artist. He was even ranked by the Washington, D.C. Go-Go band as the top punk vocalist and helps produce many of his bands’ songs, including “Body Snatchers” which hit # 50 on Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 Chart.

About Shorty Corleone

Shorty Corleone was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He started his professional singing career at the age of just 14 by signing a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records. Shorty is a multi-talented artist. He has additionally earned fame as a songwriter, film and television producer, radio personality, as well as a composer.

Shorty Corleone is a talent who has made his mark in the entertainment industry due to his philanthropic work and dedication to improving the lives of disadvantaged people.

Music Career

Since the beginning of his artistry, Shorty has released five solo albums and twenty live album recordings with his Go-Go band, Rare Essence. Two of the singles that he released during his time with the band are “Body Snatchers” and “Overnight Scenario”. Both singles earned him two Billboard hits. To this day, they both remain popular tracks in the world of Go-Go music. Shorty has recorded over 300 singles with various recording artists, and released 15 music videos as well.

Shorty has also served as the music director for two big cable network projects Angrily Ever After and Twas the Chaos Before Christmas for BET Networks.


A 15-episode series, Crank, was Shorty’s first project into the film industry. The series is about the evolution of D.C.’s Go-Go music and its impact in the American urban culture.

Another notable commitment made by Shorty is giving back to the community, forming a mentoring group for children called The Capitol Kidds. Shorty created a series titled Cooking With Capital Kidds, which documents their music, culinary, and fashion ventures that they manage under the watchful eye of their mentor.

Latest Music

His latest music single, accompanied with a visual, is “Heartbreaker” and features VH1’s Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd. The music video and single is available now on all music and streaming platforms. The combination of amazing lyrics and the expressions of Karlie Redd makes it both worth watching and listening to!

Check out “Heartbreaker” here, follow Shorty Corleone on Instagram (@realshortycorleone) and visit his website for more info.

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