Megan Thee Stallion Releases New Song “Plan B”

Megan Thee Stallion wants everyone to know that she is “still that b*tch.”

The Houston hottie dropped her latest single on Friday and as per ususal, she did not disappoint! “Plan B” is a fiery track that Meg debuted at Coachella just last weekend.

“I got this song that I recorded and every time I play it for a woman they start jumping and clapping. I think I wanna perform it at Coachella for the first time before I actually drop it,” she tweeted prior to her performance.

The rapper says “Plan B” is about experiences she’s had in past relationships. “I was just venting Abt experiences I’ve had in relationships I’ve been in the past,” she wrote in a Twitter Q&A with fans. She also described the sound as “aggressive”, “nostalgic” and “raw.” Nostalgic indeed as some might recognize a sample of Jodeci and Wu-Tang’s “Freak’n You Remix” from the 1990s.

Listen to “Plan B” below.