Jackboy Marley Unleashes New Project ‘Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect’

Fort Worth Texas rapper Jackboy Marley is bringing his genre-bending sound to the masses. The rising artist has released his new project Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect, the second installment from his The Jackal EP series. Jakcboy best describes his latest work as “an EP on steroids”, where he is able to deliver and share his thoughts in a direct manner.

The rising artist first got his start in music at the age of 20 but took it seriously a few years later when he joined a hip-hop group called New Era Jackboys. Shortly after, he would go solo and now, Jackboy is an independent artist signed to indie record label Potent Music Group. Since then, he’s stepped up his game by creating music and honing his craft. “I write and co-produce a lot of my material along with 2 producers at my label. There is something to be said about creating in an environment of highly talented musicians and producers/songwriters.”

The rapper describes his style as “street, social, political and spiritually conscious with a near
alternative presentation.” He believes the term ‘reality rap’ has lost its meaning but he plans to challenge that status quo with hard-hitting 808s and acoustic drums over a Lo-Fi beat. Pulling inspiration from artists like Queen, Marilyn Manson, Lil Wayne and Tupac, this has helped mold Marley’s sound by adding some alternative, while still remaining hip-hop. “I have a wide variety of musical influences, and I like to creatively incorporate them into my music. I never want to be boxed in as a traditional rap artist.” With two mixtapes, an album and an EP already out, Jackboy proves just that.

Listen to Jackboy Marley’s latest project Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect below and stay connected with him on social media.

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