Dvsn Gets Toxic On Latest Single “If I Get Caught”

Honest vs Toxic.

Dvsn’s new single “If I Get Caught” has caused quite a stir on social media. Produced by Jermaine Dupri, the track has been labeled a toxic anthem because of the honest take on infidelity and how it can affect a relationship.

If I get caught cheating, that don’t mean I don’t lovе you
Fu**in’ them girls, I was gon’—, I was gon’— (Say it again)
If I get caught cheating (Chеating), that don’t mean I don’t love you
Fu**in’ them girls, I was gon—’
I know, I know you won’t ain’t gon’ let one little fuck (One little fuck)
Mess all this up (Mess all this up)

The song features a sample of Jay-Z’s classic “Song Cry”, and even he couldn’t believe there could be a song more toxic than his own. However, the R&B duo is calling it “honest, not toxic” after sharing a text message exchange between Dupri and Hov about clearing the sample.

“If I Get Caught” also comes with a music video, showing the duo’s singer Daniel Daley hanging out with a friend, while his girlfriend sits at home wondering what he’s doing out and about.

Listen to “If I Get Caught” here and watch the video below.