Mariah Carey Releases 25th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Butterfly’ Album

Mariah Carey is taking us back to 1997.

The singer released a special 25th anniversary edition of her iconic studio album Butterfly. Described as her “most personal album”, the 12-track project sold 236,000 copies in its first week, and fans got to see the global superstar in a new light. The expanded edition features eight new bonus tracks, including a reworked version of her song “The Roof” with singer Brandy.

Butterfly, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, is Carey’s most beloved project, and she felt more liberated as an artist. During her recent sit-down interview with Meghan Markle for the latter’s Archetypes podcast, Mariah talked about that ‘pivotal moment’ in her life. “Writing and producing and living in the studio and leaving the past life that I had with my first ex-husband behind was extremely difficult,” she said. “In my first marriage, I was very much what’s the word? I was kind of locked away and I was sort of given the rules and had to stick with them.”

The Butterfly anniversary celebration also includes vinyl and cassette-tape versions of the album and next week, the singer will premiere a documentary about the making of the “Honey” music video.

Listen to Butterfly: 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition below.