Dvsn Joined By Jagged Edge For New Single “What’s Up”

Following the release of the controversial single “If I Get Caught”, Dvsn returns with a new song “What’s Up” featuring R&B group Jagged Edge. A music video for the ballad also dropped on Friday.

“What’s Up” has Daniel Daley thinking about calling up an ex who has moved on.

Thinkin’ and my mind won’t rest / I just wanna text my ex
I’m just sayin’, “What’s up with you?” / “What’s goin’ on?”
“Who’s f**kin’ with you?” / “Who’s time you’re on?”

In a statement, Dvsn said, “This song was made by us alongside Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox at a time when we were looking for the perfect way to describe the moments and emotions leading up to that late night text you know you shouldn’t send to someone.”

The visual, directed by Andy Madeleine, certainly gives off an early 2000s kind of vibe, with Daley singing in the rain.

Listen to “What’s Up” here and check out the music video below.