Usher Drops Off Steamy New Single “GLU”

Photo: Usher / Instagram

Usher is wooing ladies everywhere with his new single “GLU.”

The R&B superstar first teased the song on Valentine’s Day, with a clip featuring Lori Harvey in what appeared to be a preview of the music video. The sultry ballad, produced by Lil Jon, Sean Garrett and The Avila Brothers, will appear on Usher’s upcoming album.

I just love that glue, ooh
That slides down you whenever we start touchin’
It gets all on you, all on me from fu**in’
That’s when that glue done got you

Aside from dropping new music, it looks like the singer is fully booked for the next few months. Usher is currently focused on his Las Vegas Residency, which runs through the month of July, as well as his Lovers & Friends festival taking place on Saturday May 6 at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds.  

Listen to “GLU” below.