Daniel Caesar Self-Reflects On New Album ‘Never Enough’

Photo: Daniel Caesar / Instagram

R&B artist Daniel Caesar releases his first album since signing with Republic Records. Never Enough, a 15-track project, is a personal one for the Canadian singer-songwriter, as he lets listeners in on his journey and hopes it will help them “understand themselves better.”

In an interview with Deconstructed’s Alex Narvaez, Daniel talked about the long-awaited album, which he began recording during the COVID-19 lockdowns. “It was a stressful time in the world when I was making it, so to have it out, it feels good,” he said. “I spend a lot of time sitting around and wallowing and thinking about how I feel about things, and I hope people do that, as well.”

Never Enough features guest appearances from Omar Apollo, Ty Dolla $ign, serpentwithfeet and Mustafa. In addtiion, the record includes the singles “Do You Like Me?”, “Let Me Go,” and his latest, “Valentina.” 

Stream Never Enough below.