Rising R&B Singer Jon Vinyl Shares New Single “Void”

Jon Vinyl is giving off good vibes in his latest single “Void.”

The Toronto singer-songwriter is back with a brand new soulful song, in which he wants to enjoy the present moment with the love of his life—without any interruptions.

Baby, don’t intrude, I’m not in the mood (Oh, yeah) / Let’s enjoy the sun change to the moon (Oh, yeah) / Baby, don’t intrude, baby, don’t intrude / Take my hand, hold it close, exhale let the serotonin flow / Baby, get loose, yeah (Baby, get loose) / Baby, get loose (Baby, get loose)

Jon’s smooth vocals and charming lyrics are the perfect combination for a feel-good song that is bound to end up on your summer playlist.

Look out for more music from this young talented artist, coming soon.

Listen to “Void” here and connect with Jon below.

Music: Spotify | Apple Music | Tidal | Audiomack

Socials: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok

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